The notes of inclusion are created by several elements that sound in tune with each other: private and public subjects. We are currently engaged in the evaluation and implementation of shared projects that pursue this objective. Keep following us to make sure you don't miss out on the next news and updates.


10 nursing homes in Milan will benefit from an innovative teleconference system provided in partnerships with Cisco, UNEBA and the Municipality of Milan.

More than 2,100 guests will be able to experience the "telepresence" for face-to-face dialogue with their families, in total safety. The systems are installed for free and each nursing home will have continuous assistance in partnership with Durante company.

Feeling close to our loved ones is essential for everyone!

Municipality of Milan

“Thanks to the initiative and generosity of Cisco, Durante and the Amplifon Foundation, family visits, although still at a distance, can take place on large, clear screens with enhanced audio. It will be almost like looking and talking to each other face to face”.

Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milano

Cisco Italia

“EccoMi! is an example of how to effectively connect resources and skills to create a positive impact”

Agostino Santoni, CEO Cisco Italia

Uneba Italia

"The telepresence system will allow hundreds of senior citizens and their families and friends to feel a little closer especially now, during the lockdown, as they need to stay apart to protect each other."

Luca DeganiPresident of Uneba Lombardia

“Technology with heart”, at the service of 2,100 RSA guests in the Milan area


We operate by pursuing a goal of inclusion for all people, so that they can reach their potential. This is the common thread of the "Viva gli Anziani" project, developed with the Sant’Egidio Community from July in Milan, Rome and Novara.
We guaranteed support and assistance to the seniors of our cities, counteracting loneliness and isolation and suggesting the best actions to face the heat of the city summer.


We supported the construction of a space dedicated to the elderly. In addition, the volunteers of the initiative were able to demonstrate closeness to the seniors involved, thanks to meetings and visits in person or by telephone.
A series of meeting moments were also organized, respecting all anti-Covid security measures, with musical appointments, readings, theatrical moments and much more.


More than 2,500 over 70s were involved in the Garbatella district in Rome! Happy hours were organized within the Sant’Egidio headquarters in Piazza Ricoldo and the seniors had the opportunity to participate in some excursions around the capital.


In Milan, the silver generation of the Mazzini-Corvetto district was involved: more than a hundred seniors who were not left alone during the summer months. In addition to combating isolation, one of the key objectives of the project was to support the autonomy of the elderly in their homes and to reduce improper access to emergency services or nursing homes.

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