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New instrumentation and restyling for the paediatric outpatient clinics

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Published on November 20, 2020 at 03:57 pm
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Milan, 20 November 2020 - More welcoming spaces and cutting-edge equipment for the outpatient clinics and operating theatre of the Buzzi Children's Hospital in Milan.

In record time, the Amplifon Foundation has redefined the instrumental architecture of the renovated paediatric ENT unit in just 4 months. As of today, young patients will be dedicated more attention and treated with increasingly advanced equipment in modern and welcoming spaces.

This involved financially meeting the needs of the pandemic at a very dramatic time

Susan Carol Holland

“The collaboration with the Buzzi Foundation, launched in a very difficult spring, was the first targeted action taken by the newly founded Amplifon Foundation to respond to a practical need of society – explains Susan Carol Holland, Chairman of the Amplifon Foundation – In full emergency we participated in the “Dona2Volte”[give twice] mechanism. This involved financially meeting the needs of the pandemic at a very dramatic time. Subsequently, we developed the facilities of Buzzi hospital by contributing to the technological modernization and extension of professional skills of the ENT unit”.

The aim of the project

Was to modernize the equipment used in paediatric audiology, to practically contribute to making the Buzzi paediatric audiology unit a centre of excellence for Milan. Part of the donation will be allocated to a three-year scholarship, providing the unit with its own professional expert in audiometry and speech therapy.

The project was completed in record time. After the announcement of the collaboration between the Amplifon Foundation and the Buzzi Foundation, shortly before the summer the two entities analysed the requirements and networked their skills so as to be able to purchase the equipment and set up the new spaces in just a few months.
The restyling of the premises also involved the Geronimo Stilton Foundation. Elisabetta Dami, the cute little mouse’s creator was, in fact, called in to write the texts for the paediatric clinics.

Alessandro Visconti

"For over one hundred years, Buzzi has been a benchmark for Milan and Italy as regards specialist maternal and paediatric care – explains Alessandro Visconti, General Manager of Asst Fatebenefratelli Sacco – Every year our Otolaryngology unit carries out important work in the treatment of ENT diseases in children, with over 9,000 visits and over 700 admissions.

We are therefore very grateful for this precious donation which will allow us to continue to provide our professionals with the tools they need to operate at the maximum, in line with the highest national and international levels and standards, thus enabling our hospital and our ENT unit to offer our young patients the best care every day".

Franco Pignatelli

"The technical equipment of the 4 Otolaryngology clinics was largely obsolete – explains Franco Pignatelli, Head of Paediatric Otolaryngology at the Buzzi Hospital – Thanks to this investment it was possible to renew the equipment and increase the number of children in treatment. In addition, we will be able to meet the requirements of the COVID emergency.

The modernization achieved with the donation will raise the diagnostic calibre to the highest international levels and standards.
Part of the equipment currently in use in the outpatient clinics, which has been replaced by the new equipment but is still efficient, has been moved to the examination room of the inpatient ward, thereby also improving the activities of this facility".

Stefano Simontacchi

"To date, 70% of children in Italy are admitted to wards built and managed for adults, despite statistics saying that children admitted to paediatric intensive care have a 33% better chance of survival.

The Buzzi Foundation works every day so that children in need of the best care can get it in a hospital where technological excellence is combined with humanisation", emphasizes Stefano Simontacchi, Chairman of the Children's Hospital Foundation, "This intervention by the Amplifon Foundation has a symbolic value because it shows how to contribute to the New Great Buzzi and at the same time immediately improve paediatric care".

The new provisions

The new audiology cabin has been equipped with new, fully integrated equipment allowing all the paediatric audiological examinations, both subjective and objective, to be performed with greater precision.

The provision of a new microscope will enable diagnostic and follow-up activities to be carried out, while the new endoscopic instrumentation represents a step forward in diagnostic accuracy and greater comfort for paediatric patients.

It will be possible to record, archive, compare tests and even share them on the internet with evident advantages, including for teaching purposes.

The integration of new surgical instruments will allow many diseases otherwise difficult to approach and with less certain results, to be faced in a "modern" and effective manner.


The Buzzi Hospital ENT unit is the only one in the Milan area specifically assigned to deal exclusively with ENT paediatric diseases. It has four permanent doctors and one freelance doctor.
It carries out first and second/third level outpatient activities with two general divisional clinics, a speech therapy/phoniatrics clinic and an audiology clinic for the early diagnosis of deafness after screening and the consequent immediate treatment (prosthesis/cochlear implant) and/or rehabilitation.

Activities done

The unit carries out the following activities: outpatient diagnostics (about 9,000/10,000 visits and examinations/year), hospitalization (about 700 admissions/year), surgery (about 650 operations/year), first aid with day and night availability (the only one in the Milanese territory to carry out this activity) and internal and external consulting for other institutions (e.g. Policlinico San Donato). The ENT Unit also carries out 1000 to 1500 visits/examinations per year in the paediatric emergency room of Buzzi Hospital.

As far as audiology is concerned, 4,000 children every year undergo audiological screening (level I), 400 arrive at level II screening of whom 4-5 need cochlear implantation. The Otolaryngology Unit of the Buzzi Hospital is the only one in the entire Milan area with an exclusive paediatric speciality and currently (with the COVID emergency) is the only paediatric surgery unit in the Milan area.
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