Amplifon Foundation's Social Report 2023

Amplifon Foundation publishes its Social Report 2023

Pubblicato il July 4, 2024 at 03:48 pm

The Amplifon Foundation's Social Report 2023 is now online, the main tool we use to communicate and share our commitment to empowering and ensuring social inclusion.

Increasingly central to Amplifon Foundation's activities is the role of volunteers who, through our projects Let's Dream, Ti Passo a Prendere, Ciao! C'è un regalo per te, and Viva gli Anziani, bring moments of joy and carefree fun to the elderly, from the Ciao! partner nursing homes to the Community of Sant'Egidio. Companies, Associations, and Foundations are the partners with whom we work every day to carry out our projects and achieve our goals: it is together with them, and thanks to them, that in just four years of activity, we have reached over 23,000 beneficiaries.

The activities we carry out with the Ciao! Project involved more than 200 residential facilities for the elderly across Italy in 2023, where we provided a rich schedule of content and recreational activities: popular music shows, yoga classes, digital trips, art therapy, and much more, with various positive impacts on the well-being of residents, staff, and local communities, as certified by the Project Impact Analysis conducted by CERGAS SDA Bocconi.

In 2023, for the first time, the Ciao! project crossed national borders, landing in Portugal, starting with three nursing homes in the Lisbon metropolitan area, and we are currently expanding to France and Australia.

A new and important theme introduced this year is kindness, understood as a desired form of actions and relationships, and ultimately as a tool for peace, urgent and possible for each of us. Through the Kindness Manifesto and the podcast "Sulla Gentilezza," we aim to stimulate a collective reflection on kindness so that it becomes a possible and practicable alternative every day.

With our actions, we want to give a voice to the elderly and raise public awareness of the importance of their role and intergenerational dialogue. In the coming months, we will continue to consolidate the community built around Ciao!, allowing the residents of the nursing homes to feel like an active part of society again and valuing their wealth of stories, knowledge, and teachings.

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