Amplifon Foundation's project Ciao! goes to Portugal

Amplifon Foundation's project Ciao! goes to Portugal

Pubblicato il December 4, 2023 at 02:48 pm

For the first time, the non-profit organization (onlus) of the Amplifon group expands abroad, introducing the ongoing "Ciao!" initiative in 200 facilities across Italy to three healthcare residences in the Lisbon area, involving approximately 20,000 people.

Lisbon, Milan, November 9, 2023 – Amplifon Foundation transcends national borders with a social inclusion project outside Italy, arriving in Portugal. The non-profit organization of the Amplifon group launched the "Ciao!" project today in three healthcare residences in the Lisbon area, aiming to connect elderly residents, creating opportunities for entertainment and social interaction. The initiative was presented today at the Centro Social Paroquial de Nossa Senhora de Porto Salvo residence.

"We are pleased to initiate Amplifon Foundation's social inclusion projects in Portugal. For just over three years, our foundation has been developing initiatives to support people at risk of being left behind, with a particular focus on the elderly in their communities. Entry into Portugal marks the first step in an internationalization journey that aims to bring the Foundation's social inclusion projects to other countries where the Amplifon group operates, in line with the innovative and global DNA of our company," commented Susan Carol Holland, President of Amplifon Foundation.

The "Ciao!" project originated in Italy in 2020, during the pandemic, to address the prolonged isolation faced by residents of healthcare residences, facilitating the maintenance of relationships with their families and providing opportunities for entertainment and leisure. The initiative involves equipping facilities with a high-quality audio and video telepresence system, enabling a full and emotional connection between the elderly and their families, fostering new opportunities for active engagement through the enjoyment of various content (theater, music, yoga, virtual travel, and much more). Approximately 100 elderly individuals are involved in this initial phase of the project in Portugal.

"We decided to launch the Ciao! project in Portugal," commented Maria Cristina Ferradini, CEO of Amplifon Foundation, "based on the successful experience we are having in Italy, where, in just over three years, we have engaged approximately 200 residences from North to South and around 20,000 elderly individuals. This initiative, involving Amplifon group volunteers and open to all facilities willing to participate, demonstrates how the virtuous combination of new technologies and creativity can create new opportunities for relationships and social inclusion for our elderly, especially those living in healthcare residences."

Amplifon Foundation was established at the beginning of 2020, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Amplifon group, a global leader in hearing care services and solutions, with the goal of enabling people to reach their full potential in life, with a particular focus on elderly individuals at risk of marginalization.

Amplifon has been operating in Portugal for 23 years under the Minisom brand. The company, headquartered in the Lisbon area, is present in the country with more than 100 stores and almost 400 employees.

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